Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Bracelet Blanks!

I am at last getting into bracelets & well these bracelet blanks of mine aren't exactly super new. I have had them for a couple months now just waiting for inspiration and courage to hit so I could create a bracelet. They really are pretty cool they are aluminum and I ordered them from Melanie West from her Etsy shop. More came to the pack than what I have shown. Her Etsy shop is CorvusFlies.
She is a wonderful polymer clay artist and also for some reason sells these great variety packs of bracelet blanks. I can't believe she makes a lot of money on them, but as long as she is willing to sell them then I say Thank You! It is great to be able to buy such a variety of sizes all in one sale, because when you don't know what you want, that is what you want :) She also has a tutorial on her website about how to use them. She says to coat them with white glue before applying the clay, good tip.

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