Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Not Your Usual Craft Lists

Now the title on this Blog post just really made me laugh...
"Crafts I Want to Punch in the Face"
by Jennifer Worick
And you know some crafts are just asking for it :) So if you have any craft pet peeves go add them to her list at CraftStylish.
I thought I would try to come up with some kind of lists similar to hers and yes I am a little bit kooky.

3 Craft Tools I Would Want on a Deserted Craft Island (whatever that is, maybe an island for crafting that ironically has no craft stores, yikes):
-My lovely long needle-nose pliers, oh yeah
-My pointy needle tool
-My cutting blade

Crafts that I Forgot I had anything to do with Until I Cleaned House:
-what the heck is that...ribbon embroidery?
-latch hook?
-sand art? I have had this since elementary school!

3 People You Would Most Like to Craft With & What Craft:

-Jesus of Course, Everyone says that for who you want to have dinner with, so why not crafting (hmm what craft) wine making maybe? Decopage? Can you imagine seeing that on a signup sheet somewhere....Decopage with Jesus, space limited, sign up now!

-George Clooney. I do feel a little guilty typing this after listing Jesus, but I did list Jesus first. Portraiture, clothed, I am a married woman after all. But just a little bit of gazing at him live in person for a little bit might be nice :)

-A Great Artist of Some Kind. I am having trouble choosing. I think contemporary like maybe one of the polymer clay artists I have always wanted to take a course from but have never been able to or maybe way out there like Da Vinci or something and see what he would think of polymer clay in a pasta maker.

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