Wednesday, November 9, 2011

String Ball Ornaments and Pinterest Obsessing

I am loving these string ornaments that you make with string, glue and a balloon (glitter optional). These come via Click the pic to get the full tutorial. I am seeing them with slight variations all over my new latest obsession... Pinterest!

  I can waste soooo much time on Pinterest it is ridiculous. I love it! I highly recommend going there and checking it out. If you have not checked it out yet, it is a big bulletin board site where everyone can post pictures of things they like and create their own bulletin boards to save the things they like and repin from other people. There are different categories and you can follow certain people if you like their pins, crazy!!! I am a sucker for quick craft tutes and humor pics so that is what a lot of my repins are, but I am also trying to use it to market my Etsy shop a bit. But mostly I just click and look and click and look and click and look and tell myself I am getting ideas :)

Next post I will most likely be writing about my new adventures with Apoxie Sculpt clay. Stay tuned.

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