Saturday, November 12, 2011

Using an Epoxy Clay In My Mosaic Pendants

 I have been making mosaic pendants for awhile using polymer clay as the bezels or using metal bezels with polymer clay pieces. When I did this I always used glue to secure all the pieces together and this worked pretty well, but could be messy. Now I have finally given Apoxie Sculpt a try as a base for securing the pieces. It is a two part epoxy clay. I am left wondering why I was not using this all along! It works great for this.
  The clay has a million uses that you can look into by going to the Ave Studios website. You will also find directions on how to use it there. The
directions on the containers are very rudimentary.

 You take equal parts of container A and container B and mix together thoroughly for at least 2 minutes. If you have a large batch, mix a bit longer until you are sure it is thoroughly combined. You will want to remove your rings certainly before working with the clay and could wear some latex gloves if you choose. You can clean up your hands with vegetable oil and soap and water. The clay has a working time of 2 hours and takes 24 hours to cure. I have read that you can put the clay in the freezer to prolong the set up time. This would be useful if you have mixed too much clay for one project or are not able to finish all at once.

  After it is mixed I smoosh it in the bezel. Spell check seems to think smoosh is not a word, hmm, stupid spell check. The clay at this point is soft, slightly firmer maybe than play doh. It is a bit sticky, but not unmanageable. Then I just apply my pieces into clay, making sure that they are firmly embedded. Just keep going until satisfied with the positions.

 Before the clay is cured be sure and clean away any residue of clay on the bezel or beads with a towel.
That is about it! The clay can be painted and I went ahead and painted it black after it had cured to darken the background a bit. The clay does come in colors, but not in larger sizes.
  I can't wait to work some more with it. It was a lot of fun.


  1. Must resist buying that stuff just because I'd never heard of it before! I wandered over here from flickr and just wanted to tell you that I love all these pendants, especially the "play" one you featured here!

  2. Thanks Jenna, glad you came by :) I resisted buying it for awhile because heaven knows I do not have a shortage of craft materials around here!

  3. can you grout over top?

  4. Hi Julie! I was wondering if I could use this clay inside sterling silver and copper bezel pieces I create and place a resin over it or could I use premo polimer clay and then do a resin over it without having to bake the premo? Thank you so much for your help!

  5. I use his exact stuff to mold on to custom amiibo and I agree it's great to work with. You have a very long time before it gets too hard.
    That being said, you should always wear gloves and they cannot be latex as it does not protect your skin (the chemicals go right through). It's rare but you can develop an allergy and increase that risk the more you're in direct contact with it.
    I wear nitrile exam gloves. They protect and have a tight fit.