Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Radical Notions

Here are a few examples of some folks using polymer clay in just a little bit of a different way than may be often seen and it opens up all sorts of ideas. Calling it "Radical" may be a bit of  an exaggeration but check these out.
Here are some beautiful beads that have a great rough textured finish. This is a radical notion when you have been slaving away to get them buffed shiny smooth. They are wonderful and by Doreen Willey. Check out her flickr site to get a better view of the effect.

Here is a mosaic done by a great mosaic artist, Susan Crocenzi. She is known to incorporate polymer clay into her pieces. This is a radical idea for the stained glass purists out there. Check out her flickr site to see more great work!


This talented artist, Christine Damm, has used polymer clay to create a connector which is typically done in metal. This opens a world of creative opportunities. Not just saving some money on precious metals!

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